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At Matt Davis Auto in Garner, we provide detailed vehicle inspection services to ensure your car adheres to all safety and performance regulations. Whether you need a pre-purchase evaluation or a routine safety check, our certified technicians are equipped to give you a reliable assessment using the latest diagnostic tools.

Why Choose Matt Davis Auto for Your Vehicle Inspections?

Choosing Matt Davis Auto means selecting peace of mind. Our ASE-certified technicians provide comprehensive inspections, including a detailed review of the vehicle's internal and external condition, engine health, and safety features.

Our Comprehensive Inspection Services

Engine, Mechanical, and Electrical Diagnostics

This service delves deep into the heart of your vehicle's operational system. We start by evaluating the engine's performance to detect any potential issues with power output or irregularities in idle speed. Our diagnostic inspections cover all mechanical parts including the transmission, brakes, and suspension systems, ensuring everything functions as smoothly as intended.

Additionally, we also look at the vehicle's electrical systems, checking the battery, alternator, and all wiring connections to prevent unexpected failures. This service is crucial for catching potential issues before they become costly repairs, thereby maintaining optimal vehicle performance.

Interior and Exterior Review

Our Interior and Exterior Review service is designed to ensure your vehicle maintains its aesthetic and functional integrity. During this inspection, we examine the interior for any signs of wear or damage to upholstery, dashboard controls, and other interior components.

Externally, we inspect the body of the vehicle for any scratches, dents, or rust, and check the condition of the paintwork to ensure it is free of blemishes. This thorough inspection helps in maintaining the vehicle's value and ensuring that it remains a pleasure to drive.

Tires and Wheels Assessment

We closely examine your vehicle's tires and wheels, checking for adequate tread depth, which is essential for proper grip and water displacement. Our team also inspects the tires for any signs of uneven wear or damage such as cuts, bulges, or punctures which could lead to dangerous blowouts.

We also assess the wheel alignment and balance to ensure a smooth ride and prevent premature tire wear. This service helps in prolonging the life of your tires and enhancing your vehicle's handling and fuel efficiency.

What to Expect During Your Vehicle Inspection

Our comprehensive inspection involves a meticulous examination of your vehicle by our certified technicians. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools to not only identify existing problems, but also uncover any potential issues before they become major roadblocks.

Following the inspection, you'll receive a transparent, detailed report outlining our findings and recommendations, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your vehicle's health.

Inspection Service FAQs

What does a vehicle inspection involve at Matt Davis Auto?

At Matt Davis Auto, our vehicle inspections cover both interior and exterior checks, engine and mechanical system evaluations, tire inspections, and a test drive to assess overall performance. We ensure everything from fluid levels to electrical systems is thoroughly examined for your safety and the vehicle's optimal operation.

How often should I have my vehicle inspected?

We recommend an annual vehicle inspection or following your vehicle manufacturer's guidelines. More frequent inspections might be necessary for older vehicles or those driven in harsh conditions. Additionally, if you notice any unusual changes in vehicle performance, it's best to schedule an inspection immediately.

Can you handle inspections for any type of vehicle?

Yes, at Matt Davis Auto, our trained technicians are equipped to inspect all types of vehicles, including domestic and foreign models, from passenger cars to light commercial vehicles. We adapt our expertise to meet the specific needs of each vehicle, ensuring high standards of safety and performance regardless of the make or model.

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